A Brief Summary of Recent Events

About ten years ago, an Eurasian Incorporated internal conflict spilled into the streets of Venus, wreaking havoc on civilians and the UIG alike. There was a rather public break-in to an UIG facility and the public and the UIG alike were dissatisfied with the repercussions when everything was blamed on the rebelling faction, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Since then, Eurasian Incorporated’s influence has been growing rapidly. They have made massive technological advancements on almost all fronts, keeping the fruits of their labor primarily for their own Agents, to bolster the public knowledge that E.I. is the corporation that best looks after its own. Some humanitarian efforts have been made in an attempt to brighten their image; however, in recent years some of their more morally questionable operations have been exposed or simply destroyed by opposing Corporations, leading to a rather schizophrenic public image.

The majority of E.I.’s recent losses can be attributed to Comoros, with the Western Federation trailing a little behind. The latter has been attributed by the media to the rather public breakup of former Western Federation, former E.I. Agent Peggy Dewhurst with her E.I. husband. Realistically, however, the sudden increase in inter-corporate conflict must have something more behind it.

Those better informed seem to think that both E.I. and Comoros are gearing up for war. Meanwhile, the UIG has, for the most part, scaled back its operations to keeping the peace in neutral territory, possibly stockpiling their resources for the coming storm. There are as many opinions on what the other three Corporations are planning as there are people to ask about them, but it seems likely that they’re biding time and strength, to pounce on the survivors when the dust clears.

On a more specific note, five Agents from various Corporations have recently been offered an investigative mission as penance for recent crimes. For heretofore unspecified reasons, the mission is considered too risky to expend further UIG resources on, but to aid in the mission and keep the UIG informed on the situation, all Agents involved have been offered the following upgrades:

  • Anascan Primary Sensory Enhancement + Eternity Recorder (Core Rules p.64)
  • Datanetica Team Biostatus Monitor (Machines of War p.74)

[ OOC notes:

PSE and Recorder come as a package deal. If you’ve already taken the PSE and you opt for the free upgrade, you can have the money for the PSE back. Obviously, though, you risk the UIG knowing your every move. Don’t take it, though, and the UIG know you still have things to hide. Unless you already have the upgrades, of course.

I’m ignoring the Anascan GUI from Machines of War, because I think it’s bollocks. Anytime something states the GUI as a prerequisite, ignore it. ]


Yaz Yaz

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