The Story So Far

A Belated Summary

After a briefing by one Commander Hamilton, the division of disgraced Agents was sent to the barren French Wastelands to investigate the reason various UIG personnel have gone missing there in recent years. Shortly after their arrival they found themselves trapped as ‘citizens’ of an invisible City, run by machines.

Through investigating and cooperating with The City, the division have learned that it seems to be ruled by a powerful AI as an attempt at creating a Utopia by supplying any resource a human could feasibly need. To this end, all citizens are provided with their own rooms, with the technology to adapt themselves to the occupant’s desires and provide anything, within reason, that the occupant might want.

However, given the presence of a strange chapter of The Order Of The True Faith seemingly in turmoil, a recently unveiled pocket of Cult Of Machina members, including the infamous Victor Dravenko and the inability to leave, it seems clear that all is not well in The City. To add to the divisions woe one of their number, Peggy Dewhurst, has been slain in the line of duty, while trying to locate and assassinate Dravenko.

Although the Order seem to be a little extreme in bombing one of the Telepathic Energy Reactors (TER) that powers The City and the division turning one of their low-ranking terrorists over to The City to be inaugurated into the ominously named Augmented Democracy Project, the division’s leader, Noah, seems to be on good terms with Chris, a self-proclaimed high-ranking member of the faction. Chris claims no concrete knowledge of the Cult of Machina, but mentioned rumours that their might be Order members collaborating with them.

Although no Cult of Machina members have been seen, they have left plenty of evidence around the corpse of Peggy Dewhurst and Victor Dravenko, having been on talking terms with Klaus for a week, all but confessed his involvement in the incident, albeit privately to Klaus. His whereabouts are currently uncertain. The City is currently scoping out the secret tunnels around the area Peggy was found.

In discovering Peggy’s remains, Noah and Jamal made contact with a self-proclaimed higher up at Eurasian Incorporated who seems to have decided to trust them for now. After securing a line of communication with their new contact, the division asked the City to help repair and transport her body to her next of kin.

After a brief chat with Victor in Central Park (Sector 5), they easily confirmed his involvement in Peggy’s demise, while discovering that he was not himself the murderer. When we left our unlikely heroes, they had decided to take some time to build up Victor’s trust in Klaus, in order to get more information about the Cult, before avenging Peggy’s death.


*the division of disgraced Agents and Noah. I’m not disgraced, I’m responsible….

The Story So Far

As far as the UIG is concerned, you’re all a disgrace =p.

The Story So Far
Yaz Yaz

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