Stats Skills
Strength 8 Arts and Culture 0
Endurance 6 Assess Tech 4
Agility 6 Athletics 2
Reflexes 6 Attitude 1
Perception 8 Business 0
Intelligence 8 Close Combat 4
Presence 7 Computers & A.I. 3
Corp. Knowledge 0
Crime 2
Cybernetics & Robotics 5
Drive 1
Heavy Firearms 8
Light Firearms 5
Looking Good 4
Lying & Acting 0
Mechtronics 7
Medicine 1
Observation 3
Pilot 1
Psychology 0
Science 6
Stealth 2
Street Culture 0
Support Weapons 3
Tactical Firearms 5


  • LB Body Space


  • Animal Training
  • Dual Weapon Fighting (???)


  • None


  • Rank 0
    • Tactical Firearms
    • Light Firearms
    • Non-powered Melee
    • Public Appropriation
    • Bounty
    • Law Enforcement
    • Vehicle
    • Cybernetic Animal
    • Robotics
    • Preaching
  • Rank 1
    • Heavy Firearms


Name AT Damage Rate Con EMPS Special
Flame Thrower 16 4D8 1 13 N/A Chip Checker
Crossbow 13 D8 1 13 N/A Chip Checker
Magnum 13 D12 2 13 N/A Chip Checker
Short Sword 10 D6 + 8 3 13 N/A

Misc Equipment

  • Puppy
  • Explosives Toolkit
  • IV Medpack x3
  • Handcuffs
  • ID Scanner
  • PDA

Armor / Shields

  • Combat Helmet (+1AV)
  • Light Combat Armour (+2AV)
  • Field Shield x2 (20HP) (Equipped)

Registered Credits: 0
Slip Credits: 0

Current Experience: 0
Total Experience: 0
Rank Points: 0


(The picture isn’t mine it is A level Art of a friend of mine from sixth form just thought it would give you an idea of what I look like am going for the blue one)
Klaus was born to overbearing parents who were determined that she would follow in their footsteps and trained her as such. Focusing on the science field they wanted her to excel and prove herself a good daughter. When she proved a good student they rewarded her with her first pet a spaniel she names Percy. Tragedy struck however when Percy fell ill at a young age her parents hoped that this would cause her to focus her energy into medicine and excel. Klaus however had other plans starting with her studying falling into weapons and explosives to punish those who had been unable to save Percy when he was left in the care of the Dogs Home.
Along with her changing views her image dramatically changed and she adopted a punk like ethos no longer caring about her parents or studying further to the medicine career that she had previously wanted. She became an activist against the Dogs home and their treatment of her Percy. Her plans came to a head when she used her studying on explosives to cause a mild fire in the dogs home that had treated Percy and punish those responsible. Though she tried to prevent any unnecessary harm a lot of innocent animals suffered from the series of explosives she had planted. The results of this caused her to become an outcast to most and to find a new true friend a cockapoo puppy she liberated from the home and named Clive


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