Noah Musri

Stats Skills Telepathic Power System
Strength 3 Arts and Culture 6 Assault (ASS) D6 p/ lvl 5
Endurance 6 Assess Tech 1 Biokinesis (BIO) x2 in HP 10
Agility 5 Athletics 0 Cloak (CLK) +CLK to rolls 3
Reflexes 6 Attitude 3 Jump (JMP) JMP*JMP in meters 0
Perception 7 Business 0 Prescience (PRC) Attack/Init/Danger 2
Intelligence 8 Close Combat 0 Psi Armour (PAR) +1/2 in AV 1
Presence 7 Computers & A.I. 0 Psi Blade (PBD) D8 + PBD + Str 0
Corp. Knowledge 5 Mind (MND) Page 61 0
Crime 0 Nullify (NUL) Reduce Enemy Power 0
Cybernetics & Robotics 0 Shield (SHD) HP = SHD*SHD 3
Drive 0 Telekinesis (TK) KG = 10(TK*TK) 6
Heavy Firearms 0
Light Firearms 2
Looking Good 0
Lying & Acting 6
Mechtronics 1
Medicine 3
Observation 4
Pilot 0
Psychology 7
Science 0
Stealth 4
Street Culture 2
Support Weapons 1
Tactical Firearms 0


  • Swahili
  • Hindi
  • English


  • LB Body Space – 10/50% to find body space
  • * PSE* – +1 Perception (Not reflected above)
  • Eternity Recorder


  • Comoros Agent — Regain TE x2 rate. Burn 1 HP for 2TE. (If burn > Endur HP per scene, fall unconscious for D10 min at end of scene). Pay 1 less XP for telepathic powers.
  • Innocent Eyes — Free conviction point 1/scene for social rolls. Cannot be attacked if no reason.
  • Aptitude — Cannot crit fail on untrained doubles. 1/Session, add 1D6 to an AT.
  • Survival — Int + End to live reasonably in hostile conditions. Fail = Hunger & deterioration.
  • Resonance Weapons

Telepathic Trainings

  • Telepathic Adept — +20 TE
  • Psi Comm — Psychic comm system. Acts same as normal comms with range 1 mile, cannot hack w/o mind.
  • Mind Over Muscle — Spend TE to increase Strength by BIO (max TK). Lasts 1 round.
  • Fool Lie Detector — Can fool lie detectors w/o a roll. -4 Penalty to detect my lies. +8 resistance to truth drugs.


  • None


  • Rank 0
    • Light Firearms
    • Non-powered Melee
    • Law Enforcement


Name AT Damage Rate Con EMPS Special
Cougar 9 D8 3 12 N/A
Assault 14 5D6 1 N/A N/A

Misc Equipment

  • IV Medpack x1
  • Invisifield x1
  • Handcuffs
  • ID Scanner
  • PDA
  • TCI — 75% Change to stop Anti-telepathic drug [MU – Pg 70] — x1
  • Brain Juice — Recover 30 TE — x4
  • Knock Out Serum — K/O Non-agents — x2

Armor / Shields

  • Reinforced Clothes (+1AV)
  • Light Combat Armor (+2AV)
  • Field Shield (20Hp)

Registered Credits: 0
Slip Credits: 0

Current Experience: 7
Total Experience: 28xp
Rank Points: 0


Appearance & Demeanour


Noah originally called the Australasian Free state his home. Born to a pair of nomads, Noah travelled with their group across the radioactive wasteland of the Australia for 8 years before being picked up by Comoros. Noah was always noticed by his group to be telepathically strong, which later turned out to be because of the radiation itself, but he was very rarely ill, and seemed to recover from any wound much quicker than a normal human.

Comoros found Noah when they were called in to deal with a pack of mutated animals that had been ravaging many of the tribes travelling the wasteland. When they arrived at the scene, all bar Noah had been ripped asunder by these creatures, with Noah surrounded by 3 of them. As the agents moved in, they quickly noticed that the 3 animals were tearing chunks out of Noah with every swipe, but in a blink of an eye, his flesh was reforming. They moved in, dispatched the monsters and after dealing with what was left of the tribe, took Noah back to their HQ to let the higher ups decide what they want with the child.

Comoros agents helped Noah deal with his mental scarring, and tested his telepathic abilities. It was quickly obvious he would be perfect for the Child Agent program, and he was initiated immediately.

After a few years, Noah had been trained and conditioned as desired by Comoros, and given to the care of Omar Musri as an adoptive father. Omar managed to bring the best out in Noah, especially focusing on his natural (or at least mutated) talent for Biokinesis. Since then, Noah has been working as one of Comoros’ most flourishing young agents, especially focusing on matters which require a more… unexpected touch.

Answer to book questions

Ambition & Objective

Ambition – Join the Emissaries – Noah is already involved in political manipulation by Comoros one way or another, and progression into the Emissaries is only naturally to be desired. Plus, if the very rare rumours about mind control are true, even better. If they’re not, well, the rumour itself is still something you can use to sew doubt.

Objective – Discover who runs The City – Noah really needs to find out who runs the city, if only to work out how he should react to it on the ethical scheme of things.

Noah Musri

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