Noah - Answer to book questions

Answer to the book questions for Noah Musri

Why does the Corporation employ him?
He is a very strong telepath, particularly Biokinesis. They’re also created him as a child agent, so he doesn’t really have much of a choice. He’s been trained to be a very good assassin though, for when they need something more subtle than just a slash to the throat.

Does he have any family?
No biological family believed to be alive. Killed by mutants back in Australasian Wasteland. Omar Musri is his adoptive father now though.

Does he fully support the Corporation?
Very much. He has been conditioned since he was 8 that Comoros is correct and will save the world.

What is his operation method?
Using his childish looks, he gets in close to his targets. He takes his time, and ensures everything is planned. He has the means to nearly always ensure he can control the outcome of a civilized situation. In a fire fight, he will hide and use Telekinesis and Assault to attack from cover. If he thinks he can get away with it, he’ll try and intimidate his enemies by fully recovering from brutal attacks, and claiming his immortality.

How did he become a professional?
Trained from a very young age, Noah was raised to be an Agent of Comoros. Utilising his strong telepathic abilities, Comoros trained him to become a living weapon.

How does he dress?
Whatever suits the occasion to get close to his target. During downtime, he tends to lean towards loose fitting robes.

How does he deal with authority?
Badly. He occasionally still acts like a child when he doesn’t get his own way. Fortunately Comoros only really have “grownups” that he respects, but those who haven’t proven themselves to him are likely to be on the end of a tantrum.

Who does he hate and why?
Mutates of any form. Whilst Comoros managed to mostly fix the psychological scarring, he still hates mutates with a passion, the more animalistic, the more he hates them. If he sees them, he’s likely to throw a cloak up, and hide until they’re gone.

Does he have a grudge against a particular faction or Corporation?
E.I. and U.I.G. No real personal reasons, he’s just grown up around hate for them, and the conditioning hasn’t helped.

Who does he love and why?
He’s too young to properly love anyone. But he cares for his adoptive father the way any son would. He’s mature enough to realise that Omar has given up a lot to become his father, even though it was almost part of his job.

Where does he live if not in Corporate Spire Accommodation?
Noah lives in a separate apartment attached to Omar’s flat. This allows Omar to fulfil the role of Father when needed, and for Noah to live separately during his mature periods.

What does he do for fun?
Watch cartoons and play video games during his childish phases. Otherwise, he spends a good amount of time reading and meditating.

Why did he join the Corp? Did he have a choice?
He didn’t. He was taken in after his family was killed and trained up as a child agent.

Does he have strong morals or ethics?
Mostly those that Comoros have implanted to him. Collateral damage is never justified, but otherwise he’ll pretty much do as Comoros ask without really questioning it. (Assuming the orders came from one of his accepted “grownups”). He understands that Comoros is striving for the greater good, and he doesn’t really have a place there. Comoros is also older and smarter than he is, so it isn’t his place to question.

What is his price for corruption?
None. He has literally been raised to be subservient to Comoros. The idea of betraying them for “the bad guys” has never crossed his mind.

Superficial good looks are cheap – is he attractive? If so, in what way?
He looks 10. A pretty normal looking kid with no real distinguishing features.

Does he have any pet hates or bad habits?
He is mostly a kid. That can probably annoy people a bit if they hate kids. He can throw tantrums, and switch moods with no real reasoning. He is very regularly seen eating sweets from his Marty the Melenbrach PEZ dispenser.

Noah - Answer to book questions

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